About 1 Beyond

1 Beyond is the leading manufacturer of the most advanced automated camera solutions for video conferencing, live streaming and recording. Specializing in intelligent tracking cameras and automatic multi-camera switching systems, 1 Beyond provides enhanced video communications experiences for universities, corporations and government organizations without increasing the need for production or IT staff.

1 Beyond offers intelligent cameras to smoothly track a presenter, handheld mic, and the active speaker in the room. 1 Beyond specializes in solutions for small, medium and large rooms, as well as divisible and multi-purpose spaces.

Solution Overview

Voice-Activated Camera Switching for Sennheiser TCC2

The Automate VX™ system delivers a professional multi-camera broadcast experience for your meeting rooms, town hall spaces, and classrooms, complete with clean-cuts, graphics and compositing.
The system automatically picks a camera and aims it at whoever is talking in the room based on positional information received from one or more Sennheiser Team Connect 2 ceiling arrays.

Solution Highlights

  • Automatic configuration, no manual camera presets required
  • Can differentiate between seated or standing room participants
  • Clean, broadcast-style camera cuts
  • Use up to 12 cameras or content sources
  • Cameras can be place anywhere in the room for best camera angles
  • Combine with 1 Beyond AutoTracker and AutoFinder cameras for added functionality
  • Works in any room, regardless of size or shape
  • Multi-view layout option to show different camera angles simultaneously
  • Add custom graphics, titles, and overlays
  • Works in large rooms with multiple TCC2s
  • Conversation Mode shows most recent speakers at the same time
Voice-Activated Camera Switching for Sennheiser TCC2

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The new ceiling array microphone offers superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. It provides the greatest versatility and interoperability.

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