AMBEO for Cinematic Virtual Reality

Great Cinematic VR experiences require fully immersive sound

For a truly immersive experience, cinematic virtual reality needs spatial sound. Be it immersive content for VR goggles, your favorite web browser, YouTube 360 or Facebook 360 - spatial audio will make or break the VR illusion. Our tools can deliver an enveloping soundtrack to your creative ideas.


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Just as with any video production, the key to success is correct recording. While traditional microphones still play an important role in virtual reality productions, they need to be augmented with spatial microphones that capture the full 360° ambience.

This is what the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic does. A single compact microphone operating on the Ambisonics principle, it allows you to capture complete spherical audio from a single point in space. Basically, you capture exactly what a listener would hear if he or she was in that position.

It sounds easy but some care should be taken to record the Ambisonics signal correctly with regard to position and level, as certain errors cannot be corrected during post-production. A field recorder that has an AMBEO VR Mic mode will help to make this task far easier.

On location, the VR Mic will usually be combined with conventional microphones such as wireless lavalier mics. This allows for increased flexibility during post-production, giving the mixing engineer greater control over the final experience.




Ambisonics B-format is the audio format of choice for cinematic virtual reality. All major cinematic VR distribution platforms support Ambisonics B-format, including YouTube and Facebook.

To ensure that a file is viewed properly as a 360 video with 3D immersive audio, every platform requires its own metadata and has its own file format specifications. Please check the documentation of your targeted service.

If you plan to distribute to your own app or custom platform, make sure to include support for Ambisonics decoding.

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